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Fire Protection Service Sydney

Fire protection products in Sydney by Majestic Fire Service

Fire protection products are mandatory for most buildings. The products include foam fire extinguishers and fire hoses. But some less obvious products include emergency lighting, fire detectors, portable fire extinguishers for buildings, vehicles, in public spaces such as parks and malls and even fire suppression systems. So, fire protection products go beyond fire extinguishers and they can be integrated into complete prevention and suppression systems.

Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers in Sydney are one of the most popular products in fire protection. They are placed in key locations in each building to ensure they are easy to use in case of a fire. At the same time, they represent a key solution when it comes to the first line of defence when dealing with a fire emergency. A professional fire extinguisher provides a range of foam fire extinguishers, portable fire extinguishers, fire protection, fire fighting equipment in Sydney. We provide our customers with a range of portable fire extinguishers that are handy and safe to keep in vehicles and small spaces.

A foam fire extinguisher is extremely popular as they are very easy to handle and they can be efficiently used to fight burning solid as well as liquid fires. The foam fire extinguishers are very easy to use and agile too. Foam Fire extinguishers are suitable for most of the premises and are very handy to use. A foam extinguisher eliminates fire by separating oxygen in the fire by applying foam and using water to remove the heat component. Foam fire extinguishers are one of the best portable fire extinguishers. These portable fire extinguishers are affordable and are of great help during an emergency. They ensure fire protection at the height of the drama and are the most popular type of the need of the hour and are most preferred fire equipment in Sydney.

Fire Hoses

Fire hoses are mounted in many public buildings such as hotels or administrative spaces. They are one of the best types of firefighting equipment to choose for your Sydney building. They include single jacket hoses, double jacket hoses, nitrile coated hoses, pink rack hoses and booster fire hoses which can handle 800 PSI pressure.

Fire hoses need to be maintained together with the rest of the fire protection products. Hydrostatic testing services are available and they are part of the regular maintenance checks with the fire protection products.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is required in public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and museums. They provide a quick solution when residents need to flee the building. It provides efficient fire protection. It is one of the most important but sometimes overlooked pieces of firefighting equipment. Emergency lighting is installed in corridors and stairways. Their main purpose is to signal exit passageways. Under normal circumstances, these signs can seem redundant. But in case of a fire or a power outage, they provide crucial exit direction passageways for the residents or the people in the building.

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems are mainly installed where there is an increased risk of fire. It is why they are often associated with kitchens or other cooking places in restaurants. But they have a vast complexity. Fire suppression systems can use a clean agent, industrial, foam or dry chemicals.Fire suppression systems are essential for complete fire protection. They are a vital part of your fire fighting equipment at your Sydney premises. These systems are used together with fire extinguishers and they do not replace them. It is recommended to have these suppression systems checked, just as with the fire extinguishers. This significantly reduces malfunction when needed the most.

Fire Sprinklers

There are various types of sprinklers for a fire hazard. For example, pre-action sprinklers are categorized in single interlock and double interlock. They are mainly different due to their purpose, the area where they are installed and the surface they need to cover for optimum fire protection in Sydney. Sprinklers are installed for the purpose of being the first line of automatic defense in case of a fire. Dry pipe and wet pipe sprinklers are chosen depending on the location’s temperature and the type of building which can be different according to the assets in it. At the same time, all sprinklers need to be regularly maintained, just as fire extinguishers or any other type of fire protection products.

Explosion suppression systems

As their name suggests, explosion suppression systems are installed in buildings with a risk of explosion. This can certainly include industrial spaces which deal with hazardous materials. A typical explosion suppression system includes a detector which is connected to a control unit and a suppressor. The system is installed to react in milliseconds and it needs to be installed by licensed professionals. Contact us today for fire protection products and services.

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What is the role of fire protection services?

Fire protection services play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the community and preventing the devastating effects of fires. These services involve the installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems, detection devices, and other fire safety equipment. Additionally, fire protection services offer education and training on fire prevention, evacuation plans, and emergency response strategies. The expertise and knowledge of our fire protection service providers enable them to assess and identify potential fire hazards, design fire safety plans, and respond to emergency situations. Fire protection services serve as a vital line of defense in safeguarding the lives and property of individuals and businesses against the risks posed by fires.

Why do I need fire protection services?

Fire protection services are essential for maintaining the safety and security of your home or workplace. Fires can happen unexpectedly and cause massive damage, so it’s important to have fire protection measures in place to prevent these incidents from occurring. Our fire protection service Sydney will help you install, maintain and inspect fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, and extinguishers to ensure they are in good working order. With these measures in place, you can have peace of mind that your home or workplace is protected against fires, and you can reduce the risk of losing your valuables or, worse yet, someone getting hurt. Get in touch with us to protect your property and everyone in it.

How often should I have my fire protection systems inspected and maintained?

As a general rule of thumb, fire protection systems should be inspected and maintained at least once a year. This ensures that any potential issues can be detected and addressed before they become a safety hazard. It’s also important to note that certain fire protection systems may require more frequent maintenance, depending on the nature of their operation. For example, systems that are exposed to extreme weather conditions or heavy use may need to be inspected more frequently. If you’re unsure about how often your fire protection systems need to be inspected and maintained, it’s always best to consult with trusted fire protection companies like us to ensure the safety of your property.

What should I do in case of a fire emergency at my premises?

In case of a fire emergency at your premises, the first and foremost thing to do is to call the fire department. If the fire is small, try to extinguish it with the available fire extinguisher. Ensure the safety of your employees and customers by evacuating them immediately. It is crucial to have proper fire protection systems in place, such as fire alarms, sprinklers, and smoke detectors. Regularly check and maintain them. Additionally, you should also have an emergency evacuation plan in place. To ensure the safety of your premises and people, it’s essential to hire professional fire protection services near me to assess the situation and suggest safety measures.

Do fire protection services provide training for occupants?

Yes, fire protection services do provide training for occupants. We understand that being equipped with fire safety knowledge and skills is crucial in preventing fires and minimizing the effects. These trainings include teaching occupants how to properly handle fire extinguishers, safely exit a burning building, and follow emergency evacuation plans. Fire protection services Sydney also provide education on fire prevention, such as electrical safety and smoking cessation. With these trainings, occupants can be proactive in preventing fires and effectively respond in the event of a fire emergency. At the end of the day, it’s important for everyone to work together to ensure that fire protection services are maximized and the safety of the community is prioritized.

Why is a fire alarm system important?

According to recent data, most serious fire hazards occur in properties that do not have a quality fire alarm system. Installing a fire alarm system is crucial for any commercial or residential property because it helps in the early detection of a potential fire. This helps people run to safety quickly before the fire hazard becomes serious. Moreover, early fire detection allows fire departments to get to the location at the right time and put out the fire at the earliest. This minimises fire damage to the property and saves lives. Today, fire alarm systems are equipped with modern and sophisticated features that accurately detect potential fire threats. When you install a fire alarm system as a part of your fire protection services in Sydney, you can get out of a serious fire quickly.

How many fire extinguishers are required on business premises?

The number of fire extinguishers needed for a commercial property depends on various factors, including,

  • The size and layout of the room – In Australia, there is no general rule on the usage of fire extinguishers distances. However, the number of fire extinguishers used depends on the size and layout of the property. Due to the vast number of building configurations possible, it’s recommended to employ a sensible approach to decide on the number of fire extinguishers needed for your property.
  • Fire hazard Level – In Australia, the fire hazard levels are classified into the following:
  • Class A- fires involving carbonaceous solids
  • Class B- fire involving flammable liquids
  • Class C- fire involving flammable gases
  • Class D- fires involving combustible metals
  • Class E- fires involving energised electrical equipment
  • Class F- fires involving cooking oil and fats

Based on the fire hazard level of your property, the number of fire extinguishers you buy may differ. For instance, if your business comes under class A, the number of fire extinguishers you need for fire protection in Sydney will be greater than those for class F type of buildings.

How often should I schedule a fire protection system inspection?

According to the Australian fire safety standards, the fire safety systems must be properly inspected and tested every month to ensure that they are at their optimal performance. Regular maintenance and testing help identify and fix problems with your fire protection systems immediately and prevent any fire hazards that damage your property. However, ensure that you are getting fire protection system inspection and maintenance from a certified provider to avoid any risks in the future. Contact us to learn more about fire safety equipment, fire protection system inspection, maintenance, repair, and more.

What colour exit lights are allowed in Australia?

Emergency exit lights must be a part of your fire protection services as it helps in the safe evacuation of occupants from a building in an emergency. Generally, the colour of the exit lights used in Australia is green, but it’s classified into three types based on the level of illuminance.

  • Internally illuminated exit light
  • Low illuminance area exit light
  • Extremely illuminated exit light

The green section of an exit light must be square or rectangular shaped; however, the colour of the background must be identical to the background within the pictorial element. The pictorial elements displayed on the exit sign should convey messages like straight from here, right from here, or left from here.

What are the different types of smoke alarms?

As one of the leading fire protection companies in Sydney, we specialise in the supply of the following types of smoke alarm systems for your property.

  • Photoelectric smoke alarms
  • Ionisation smoke alarms
  • Hard-wired smoke alarm
  • Battery-operated smoke alarm