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Fire Hose Reels, Fire Hydrant Services & Testing

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    • >Fire protection products are mandatory for most buildings. The products include foam fire extinguishers and fire hoses. But some less obvious products include emergency lighting, fire detectors, and even fire suppression systems. So fire protection products go beyond fire extinguishers and they can be integrated into complete prevention and suppression systems.
Fire Hose Reel Services in Sydney by Majestic Fire Service in sydney

Fire Hose Reel Service

Buying fire hose reels for your Sydney business? Fire Hose Reels are one of the widely used products for fire safety management. They are normally stored on walls to protect them and keep them in easy reach. They are marked accordingly. Fire hose reels are typically long and they are used to deal with a fire on location. The hose reel is stored with the control valve in the OFF position. But they are not used in all types of fires. For example, hose reels are only used to deal with fires where there is no electrical risk, such as those involving electrical equipment.

Fire Hose Reel Services – Installation and Maintenance

Majestic Fire Protection

Many popular fire reels come with a length of 36m or 50m. Regardless of their length, they can be quickly installed during the construction phase of a building. Before suppliers install a fire hose reel on new or older buildings, residents need to understand its purpose. A fire hose reel is not just a box which needs to be checked to meet fire safety regulations. First of all, a fire hose reel provides a constant flow of water. This is essential when fighting fires of different sizes. Another benefit of fire hose reels is that they provide minimum protection against the heat of a fire. This is also due to the stream which is double in length from that of a fire extinguisher. If a fire extinguisher allows people to fight the fire from a distance of 2 meters, a fire hose allows residents and the fire department to fight the fire from a distance of 4 meters. This also means that compared to a foam, dry powder or a water fire extinguisher, a fire hose reel is also more efficient at dealing with fire. It can extinguish a fire up to 10 times greater when compared to a fire extinguisher. Fire hose reels are commonplace in larger Sydney workplaces. They are extremely important as they minimise trouble in getting the hose to efficiently put out fires, and can be stored in a safe and compact manner for the rest of the time.
Of course, a fire hose reel might not be recommended in all situations. It does not work the best with chemical or electrical fires as water is a conductor. A fire hose reel service should inform the residents of the building about all of these characteristics. The service installs the fire hose reel in Sydney and allied areas. The fire hose reels can be installed in a commercial unit, industrial unit, school, hospital or residential building. In all cases, it must be placed next to a fire hydrant. At the same time, many people need to know that a fire hydrant doesn’t need to come with a fire hose reel. On an international level, fire hoses are generally required when the surface of occupancy is greater than 500 square meters. The professional hose reel service provider should regularly inspect and maintain the integrity of your fire hose reel at your Sydney premises, it includes:
  • Service during the warranty period
  • Make sure the fire hose reel is working fine and is easy to operate
  • Routine testing looks at the main parts such as the ball valve shut off. The valve is crucial as it needs to be operable with a single movement of the release lever.

Why trust us?

A fire hose reel service represents the proven way of installing a reliable fire hose reel which complies to local and national regulation. Similarly to another type of fire management equipment, it also needs to be properly maintained. Yearly testing is logged and the fire hose is checked for any possible issues so that it is in good working condition in case of a fire emergency. Certified technicians are the ones mandated to install the fire hose. Larger buildings can also come with multiple fire hoses and an assessment of the needs of each building is made on the spot or at the building’s planning stage. For this purpose, the licensed technicians can work with engineers and architects to find the most efficient way of protecting a building and its residents in case of a fire emergency.

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