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Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blankets Made of Nonflammable Materials

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  • >Fire blankets are used in case of a fire. They are not flammable and they can be a quick solution against small fires. Many fire blankets are made to resist temperatures of up to 900 degrees. House blankets can be used in small house fires such as those started on stoves. The way they work is by actually cutting the oxygen, which is crucial for a fire.

    Majestic Fire Protection offers the best quality fire blanket to help you combat any fire emergency. Buy them now! Choose from our range of fire blankets for one that suits the particular situation that you need. A small fire breakout can be effectively managed with a fire blanket which can help you considerably to get control of the situation.
Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blankets in Sydney by Majestic Fire Service

How does a fire blanket work?

A fire needs oxygen, fuel, and heat. When one of these is absent, the fire goes out. A fire blanket removes the oxygen source and it smothers the fire. Made from different materials, the fire blanket is placed directly over the fire to cut the oxygen out. Of course, a fire blanket only works on small fires. If the fire is too large, it is recommended to tackle it with an extinguisher or leave the area and alert the local fire department. A fire blanket is a must buy to fight an emergency. Storing fire blankets is not complicated. They come in small plastic parcels which allow them to be placed in a drawer or even on the wall. In most countries, fire blankets are placed in the immediate vicinity of the stove. While most fire blankets made for home users are not too complex as they are made from fiberglass, other types of materials are used as well. Welding fire blankets use a special material, specific for higher welding temperatures.

How to use a fire blanket

Majestic Fire Protection

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Our Fire Blankets are: made from nonflammable materials
able to withstand very high temperatures
perfect during a fire emergency
able to effectively control small fire breakout.
A fire blanket can be used to put out a fire or to use on a person. The blanket is flexible as they are normally made with 2 layers of fiberglass. The outer surface of the blanket is made from a fire deterrent material.
The first step to control a fire in the kitchen is to turn off the gas or the electricity supply which is fueling the fire. This should be done immediately after the fire breaks out before it is too dangerous to get close to the stove.
Given that the fire blanket is within easy reach, the procedure can start straight away. First, the fire blanket needs to be taken out of its wrapper. This can be done by holding the blanket with one hand and pulling the wrapper with the other hand. Some people might think that keeping the blanket out of its wrapper might be a better solution. But given the fact that cooking oil can get on it if stored next to the stove, the blanket is best kept in its original wrapper, just as the manufacturer recommends.
Before placing the blanket on both arms, users need to ensure they roll up their sleeves. It is recommended in order to avoid further fire hazards. In order to protect the hands further, the top edge of the blanket can be wrapped around them.
At this stage, the blanket can be carefully placed on the fire, making sure it covers it completely. It goes without saying that if the fire is larger than the blanket, it is not the best idea to try and put it out using this method. Finally, it is not recommended to touch the fire blanket or the surface underneath the blanket for 60 minutes. While the fire is out, the surface may still be too hot to touch. At the same time, all residents should know how to use the fire blanket if needed. Taking it out of the wrapper and handling it as practice can be the best way of ensuring everyone is up to date on how a fire blanket looks and how it is used in an emergency situation.

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