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“Majestic Fire Protection specializes in fire extinguisher services, sprinkler systems,
hoses, fire suppression systems, exit and emergency lighting and so much more.”

Smoke Alarms, Fire Panel Installation And Testing

“A fire alarm system is, arguably, the most important alarm system to install in any building. It alerts the residents of the building about the possibility of an open fire so that they can take action and evacuate to a safe place. These systems are customized according to the needs of each home or commercial space and for this reason, they need to be inspected regularly. Fire alarm systems are extremely crucial for the safety of the home and occupants and are required by law to be installed to protect people and property. If you are looking to install a new fire alarm system, or smoke alarm in Sydney, NSW then contact Majestic Fires, the leading company for fire service supplies.. For the installation process, a fire alarm system goes through the following steps.”

Need exit and emergency lighting
supply,installation or maintenance?

Fire Extinguisher Installation & Fire Service System Providers Sydney


Majestic Fire Protection is Sydney Fire Protection Supplier, Installation and Maintenance Services. We are market leaders in the fire service and safety industry serving hundreds of individuals and companies of all sizes. We provide a 24/7 one-stop-shop, specialising in sales, installation, maintenance and servicing of fire protection equipment, system design and repair. We are your first and last stop for all your fire safety needs. We are the leading fire extinguisher wholesale supplier in Australia. If you are looking for a new fire extinguisher supply for sale then come to Majestic Fire as we have what you need..

With over 25 years of industry experience, a customer and quality-focused approach, Majestic Fire Protection is your best choice for inspection, testing, maintenance, repair & annual certification. Buy the best quality fire extinguishers in Sydney at the most competitive prices only from Majestic Fire. We are a leading professional fire extinguisher wholesale supplier. We work with the relevant Australian Standards and Legislations to ensure your property is safe and compliant.

Our technicians are qualified, highly experienced and are dedicated to helping our customers find the right solution tailored for their needs at affordable prices without compromising the quality.

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Majestic Fire has spent years promoting excellence through the quality of service we provide to every customer.

At Majestic Fire, we consistently strive to bring our customers the newest and most innovative products in the fire protection industry. We never settle for anything but the best and neither will you with our high-quality products, excellent service, the best delivery and the best prices guaranteed!

At Majestic Fire Safety, our goal is to extend to our customers by providing them with a top quality fire extinguisher in Sydney. The highest level of service available; through our commitment to customer satisfaction, quality products, teamwork, employee education and our constant attention to detail makes us a well trusted fire extinguisher wholesale supplier.

We are the most preferred fire extinguisher supplier in Sydney because we offer:

    • Superior quality Fire Extinguishers
    • Reasonable pricing
    • Extensive range of products
    • Customer-centric approach

We are in the business of protecting you from fires as well as preventing them. Quality and efficiency in our work is our main focus and the key to our continued success. Get in touch with us now to buy a fire extinguisher for sale at cheap prices in Sydney and allied areas.

Making Your Life Safer

Customized security solutions to protect your people & home

Why Choose Us

Fire protection services are used for the protection of people and goods. They are used both at home and in commercial buildings and they include a vast range of sub-services such as inspections, fire sprinkler installation, or fire extinguisher maintenance. Here are a few of our services.

  • Friendly, polite and experienced technicians
  • High Quality Products
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Quick and knowledge Support
  • Positive Reviews

Fire Systems Installation

Fire system installation is the process of planning and installing the fire systems. The service includes an evaluation of the project and its needs which is usually made by an engineer. After the recommendations of the engineer, the fire protection services team develops a plan which takes into account the best fire management efficiency, the cost of the project and the legal safety requirements. The fire system installation can refer to fire sprinklers installation as well as to the installation of fire alarms or fire detection services. Fire sprinklers can be installed in residential properties. They are also installed in municipal buildings, industrial or commercial spaces. All fire sprinkler systems are designed by an engineer according to the particularities of each building. Building codes and insurance requirements are abided by in the process.
Fire alarms are also part of fire systems installation. Fire detection services can work alongside a fire sprinkler system. A mandated company for fire alarm installation can also plan, execute and maintain the fire detection service. It is required for all the technicians working on the project to be certified. One institution which certifies these technicians is the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies.

Fire Safety & Fire Protection Service Areas

Need a fire safety statement, to comply with council fire safety orders, a fire safety certificate, exit lights, fire doors or fire extinguisher testing? We service, supply, install and maintain all your fire safety and fire protection needs all over Sydney’s suburbs at an affordable price.

Our fire safety and Fire Protection Services will help your business to comply with local council fire regulations in your area. We make it easy to comply with Council regulations with our fire safety services and fire protection requirements in the following council areas:

Serving all of New South Wales - we want to convey 'no job is too small for us'

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